The Tour is Back!!

The Tour de Houlton Farms Dairy is back for another year!  This year the event ride touring from HFD dairy bar to dairy bar will be on the first day of summer, June 21st, 2014.


Tour of the Battenkill

The 2014 Tour of the Battenkill was as advertised; cold weather, soft/muddy dirt roads, and some mega climbs!  Over 5,000-ft of climbing to be exact, some peaking at a slope of 18%.

“It was a tough ride,” Baker said of the race, “I lost the pack early on when I spun out on a soft spot on the [dirt] climb.  I had to put catch myself, my cleat got filled with dirt and I had to finish the climb without being able to clip back in… it was tough.”  It was not a great day to ride alone either, with 20-mph winds coming from every direction, there was no escaping the head wind.  Once falling off the pack, there was no catching back up.


2014 Season Preview

The 2014 season is just around the corner for TeamHFD and there is some buzz around the team this year with the addition of a teammate and new sponsor.

“We are excited,” Team President Brad Baker said, “we want to grow the team, we meant Tommy at the beginning of cross season and ran into him a couple times through the season.”


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